Sister's Circle

Sister’s Circle is a safe confidential atmosphere, where women share their
experiences and developing a support network. We practice goal setting, selfesteem building and self love that women can embrace. Connecting the ladies to a new perspective on life that has a positive impact on their attitudes and behaviors within families, work place and communities.

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Covid 19 Protection packs

We are proving Protection Packs to our vulnerable community members in San Francisco

Sister's Circle Women's Support Network is a transformative intervention program. The program is designed to educate and empower women to move to the next level of Recovery. To overcome the barriers of Homelessness, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Sexual Abuse and chronic Illnesses.


  1. Megan - Since I have participated in the Women’s Support empowering groups and been a member of Sister's Circle, I feel that I have prospered and grown psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and in my program of recovery and sobriety. Sister’s Circle has helped me to learn how to process my feelings, and rely upon the groups for support and feedback instead of turning to drugs and alcohol to numb my emotions. I can now deal with everyday life and ask for help when I am struggling.
  2. Michelle - Sister Circle has been a very big support in staying clean and positive. The women have shown me the importance of showing up for my recovery. I am very comfortable with the women there I love all the feedback that I receive to be a better person...
  3. Anonymous - “I am not from SF and the women embraced me right away. They not only have always made me feel welcome but have given continuous support and feel like they are my own personal cheerleaders. The women have showed up for me at my graduation from treatment and continue to be there”

Redesigning Our Footsteps
We support homeless women and those women coming out of incarceration

Women's Support Network

Entirely Funded by donations and fundraising


PO BOX 170645 
San Francisco, CA 94117

Phone: 415 261-2944